Holborn Whippet Thursday 12th September Tap List

Here lies an up to date list of the keg and cask we have on at the Holborn Whippet at this moment in time. For our food menu please visit our website at www.holbornwhippet.com However, due to the ever changing nature of The Holborn Whippet’s keg and cask list (we don’t want anyone, including us, getting bored)  the best way to get updates on how this list changes throughout the night is by following our twitter feed @holbornwhippet


Dark Star, Hylder Blonde, 4.2% £3.70 a pint

Redemption,  Fellowship Porter, 5.1 £3.60 a pint

Moor, Revival, 3.8% £3.60 a pint

Moor, Nor’Hop, 4.1% £3.60 a pint

Redemption,   Trinity, 3% £3.30 a pint


Bitburger (Germany), 4.8% £3.50 a pint

Kernel (UK), Table Beer 3.1% £2.00 per half pint

Kernel (UK) , India Export Porter, 6 % £3.10 a half pint

Konig (Ger) Pilsner, 4.9% £3.70 per pint

Redwell (UK) Craft Pilsner, 4% £3.80 per pint.

Lagunitas (UK) IPA 6.2% £2.50 a half Pint

Rothaus (Germany), Weissbier  5.4% £4.90 Pint

Kostrizer (Germany), Schwarz Bier 4.8% £3.70 a pint


Harry Sparrow Cider (suffolk) 4.6% £3.70 a pint


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